Vent sexed some young goslings, now one won't walk ????????

Discussion in 'Geese' started by chickenzoo, May 21, 2010.

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    I was vent sexing some of my young 2-3 month olds (just now getting adult feathers in) and now one of the little girls won't get up and walk. I was very careful, she is the only one out of eight that had a problem. She can move her legs and push herself up on her hocks, she can swim...but she won't stand and walk...... what happened?

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    Following recommendations from 'The Book of Geese' as well as some online sources, I only attempt to vent sex at three different periods; 1) As day olds 2) If I am going to butcher the goose (this is for practice, and to confirm that I did grab a surplus gander) 3) At or after sexual maturity. From what I understand, sexing a goose after a couple days of age but before sexual maturity carries the risk of injuring the gosling.

    Now, I had thought the injury was due to either pressing too hard on the lower abdomen near the vent, or by the inability of an exposed penis to retract back into the cloaca (I always ensure everything is back in place before putting the goose down), but neither resource is explicit on the types of injuries.

    Good luck.
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    She is up walking around now. Perhaps she pinched a nerve while struggling.... who knows..... [​IMG]
  4. Glad to hear it! I was worried about your little girl.

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