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Jun 12, 2007
Tioga, Louisiana
I'm SO done with ordering eggs from people. And let me go ahead and say; I'm not blaming the shipper. I'm not necessarily blaming the mail carriers. I'm just so frustrated. My last three or four hatches have been awful. Temps & humidity have been perfect. I've turned every eight hours. I just don't get it. The last hatch, I got two. This hatch, I got three out of two dozen eggs. Two died during hatch. I'm just really frustrated spending all the money for the eggs & shipping and then have a poor hatch.

Thanks for reading.


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Jan 11, 2007
N. Louisiana
That's why I don't order eggs anymore. I've heard that they get X-rayed when they go through the airports and that may kill their viability. Also, the jostling they go through, being handled and such, damages the airsac. It amazes me, though, that so many folks get good hatches from shipped eggs.


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Mar 8, 2008
Eaton, Colorado
I feel your frustration! I have only incubated 1 time using shipped eggs. That was this last hatch which was also only my second hatch. The first hatch was 100%. These eggs only had to travel from my coop to my house!

I had two sets shipped to me. Out of 20 eggs I hatched 2! It was not the shippers fault. They were all packed perfectly and arrived in tact. I don't even think it was the PO. I blamed it on the weather. It was still very cold here. Maybe they froze somewhere in transit?

I was hoping to try some more shipped eggs now that the weather is warming up. Maybe it isn't a good idea? Don't people hatch shipped eggs all the time? Whats their secret I wonder?

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