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    Jan 30, 2009
    We are thinking of trying the deep litter method. How much ventilation do you need. In summer it's not an issue, but in Northern Idaho I worry about how it will do with less ventilation. Normal lows in winter are 15 degrees, but it could get to -5 or colder. Thoughts? Also, does anyone know of any ag extension articles on the subject? Thanks, Russ
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    Can't give a general recommendation because "the" deep litter method means something different to everyone. How you do it, and how many chickens you have in how much space, affects how much ventilation you need. (Even without deep litter mgmt in any way shape or form, you will still want pretty significant amounts of ventilation in wintertime, albeit on the *downwind* side of the coop, unless you have very very low stocking density).

    Your best bet is to build in LOTS of winter-worthy ventilation capacity (i.e. high on walls, including downwind walls, preferably protected by roof overhang or etc, and able to be shut down partly or totally as conditions require)... and then see how it works for your personal version of deep litter. You may find there is a limit to how long you can go between cleanings without getting more humidity than you can vent out; or you may find you can go til April with no problem. Just have to see, everyone's situation is different.

    Dunno if that helps but it's the best I can do [​IMG], good luck, have fun,


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