Ventilation for 8x16 coop with 20 chickens.

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    Will 4 24x24 windows provide enough ventilation, or do i need to start putting slots in the walls, im worried about the winter, Im from Iowa and it gets below 0 very often. The coop is designed where there is really not much options for vents that will not provide drafts, MAY be able to get 6 sq feet MAX of draft free slots, anything else would definatly hit the roosts. Basically Im asking for a rough number of how many square feet of ventillation ill need DURING THE WINTER and another number for summer. (im less worried about the summer, I can always remove the people door and put on a hardware cloth/frame door which would gain 30 sq feet of ventillation.
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    Do a search for open air poultry will find a couple of threads and an online link. The book is 100 years old and discusses the need for fresh air, even in the harshest winters..
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