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    Hi, I am just finishing building my first incubator. I know I need to add holes for ventilation. How do I know when to unplug the holes? Do I leave some open all the time? I have a thermostat so I don't think the holes are to help regulate the temp. Any advice about this would be great. Thanks.
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    I'm certainly not an expert, but I've done a little reading and just finished my first hatch. The holes are for air circulation, since the eggs are living "breathing" things and there must be the opportunity for an exchange of gasses. I always left the tiny holes open on my Little Giant incubator and open/closed the two large holes to control humidity. This seemed to work fine since I have a brood of beautiful babies. Good luck!
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    Theres no real way to tell you how to do the vents. To little vents an you have to run the humidity way low to get any evaporation out of the eggs. To many vents an you have to run the humidity way high to keep from the eggs drying out. Outside air temp an humidity also factor in. Here read this about humidity an ventilation in a incubator.
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    Quote:Thanks for the info rebelcowboy! You really explain it well. [​IMG]
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    Careful, If my hat don't fit in the morning I'm blaming you. [​IMG]

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