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    Feb 24, 2016
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    We are planning on building a 4X6 lean to coop in the next 2 weeks. The front will have a 2'X3' slider window above the nest boxes. I was thinking of putting vents on the back of the coop near the roofline that would go the length of the coop. The rear of the coop will face our vinyl stockade type fence so I don't have to worry about too much wind coming in. Should that be enough ventililation? We are in MA so our winters can be a bit cold but not too frigid. We would use the window for additional ventilation when the weather is milder.
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    Sounds good. So you plan to keep the windows open in summer and just cracked open for winter? If you leave the roof rafters open on back that's more than enough venting. It can be a pain figuring out how to hardware cloth those openings though. Simple venting holes that are easily covered is using 3" hole saw and cordless drill. That way you've something to tack wood strips to to hold the wire firm on inside.

    The window should be above the roosts too. Roosts higher than nesting box or they'll roost in box and dirty it up. I've exteral mounted nesting boxes but it's the idea of height placement; the nests are walked into from coop liter height and roosts are 16 inches above the litter height. Can be higher but that's just to give you an idea.

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