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    Apr 28, 2011
    Hi all! We are in the designing stage for our coop. It will be 10 x 10, insulated with at least one window. When discussing ventilation I suggested a one of those hexagonal shaped vents under the gable peak (I don't really know anything about construction!!). Hubby said we could do a ridge vent. Would just the ridge vent provide enough ventilation? There will be 7 large breed chickens. I am in NE OH, if that matters!

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    Jun 5, 2011
    I too know nothing about construction, but I think the extra vent hole would be good. We have ridge vents in our house and garage and it is still blazing hot in the attic space. I am going to put another window in our coop for cross ventilation. The one window and door (both facing west) don't seem to get enough air movement. I am also thinking about putting some small holes at the top of the coop/shed for continuous ventilation. [​IMG]
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    Unless there will be quite a lot of other openings you're not mentioning, or you're only going to have like two chickens, I'd say that BOTH will be inadequate. Don't do "small holes" either, as being equally-inadequate. See my ventilation page (link in .sig below) for suggestions and for discussion of the things you need to consider.

    Good luck, have fun,

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    You might want to look at my blog in back posts on it for pictures of my coop. They show how all under roof is open. With yours being insulated you will need alot of venalation to prevent humidity build up. If you do not do it you will get more frost bite in winter. We have had temps down to zero with wind chills lower and still no frostbite and that with snow on ground for 3 years now.
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    I agree moisture and ammonia buildup are a huge issue year around. You have to have ventilation and air exchange for your birds.

    How about making large removable insulated panel in the walls that are backed with hardware cloth. That way you don't risk loosing birds to heat when they lay or when they roost in the evening when the coop is still hot from the day.

    Remember chickens stand up better to cold than heat and unless you get ambient temps of 0 or colder you may do better focusing on a draftless but ventilated coop instead of super warm
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