Ventilation size?

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    Feb 24, 2010
    I am getting ready to build a 8X12 coop and I was going to put windows with screens on one side and cut a ventilation opening on the other side of the building at the top. My question is how wide and high I should cut the opening, I'm also going to put hardware cloth over the opening and have a door with hinges on it to close during the cold winter. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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    Jul 26, 2008
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    I would make the opening as wide as the wall is and about 6" tall , on the high part of the wall, don't forget to put some screen too.
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    I would say as much ventilation as you can and as big a hole, or vent, (or better yet, ventS) as you can!
    Have you read "Pat's Big Ol' Ventilation Page" here on BYC yet???
    Super great information about the importance of, (and myths about) ventilation & chickens!
    I'd say read it before you start to won't be sorry!
    And the 'door with hinges on it so you can close it in the winter' is good to have for EXTREME winter weather, but
    I think, after you read Pat's 'Ventilation Page' you won't be too quick to actually close it!
    It's the humidity + cold which can give frostbite.........NOT cold alone! (Unless EXTREME)
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    Here are a couple pics of the inside of 'my' coop.........with some ventilation 'ideas'.....
    Windows on south S/W and W walls.....
    8" x 14" movable louvered vents (behind the fan) high up on front and back gable end walls......and I 'should' have gone even bigger...
    An exterior view of my can just see the 'awning' (sheet metal) which protects the louvered vent from blowing wind, high on the front gable end, above
    the star......
    and my 'pop-door'....which is a 'large breed' doggie door, with vertical slits cut in the PVC flap; and has an interior guillotine-type cover which 'can' be closed if needed.....
    but pretty much is left in the up position, 24/7/365! Even in the winter, unless -10 degrees or something crazy like that....

    Hope this is some help!
    HAVE FUN!!!![​IMG]
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