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    I've got my new hatcher up and running. Last night when I came home at 10pm, the temps were at 99.5 and humidity was at 62%. It has apparenlty held humidity between 61% and 64% since then, and the temps have stayed at 99.5.

    This morning, I took the vent plugs out. there is a 1/2 inch hole directly behind the fan, and another 1/2 in hole at the bottom. You can feel the fan pulling in air, and pushing it out.

    My problem is that the minute I took the plugs out humidity dropped into the 50's and I haven't been back to check it again.

    I know ventilation is the key, but its almost worth it to me to NOT ventilate for the three days that the eggs will be in there to hatch. I dont know any other way to control the humidity as the vent holes are already WAY smaller than I had originally planned.

    Should I try a bigger pan? MORE pans?
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    They some brand new sponges. Soak them in hot water, and then put them in the incubator.

    That is what I have to do. Otherwise the humidity stays around 52-55. I like it at around 65%.

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