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    Jan 28, 2015
    Hi all- I am a novice chicken enthusiast and am on the cusp of ordering/incubating my first batch of chics this spring with a friend. Right now I am planning my coop design and have some questions. Living in central Alaska (Talkeetna) I am concerned about insulation, but also know that ventilation is super important. Windows for the coop are out, mainly because it's not practical here, but I am converting an old shed into my coop and the eves are open. Should I bother insulating the walls of the coop (envisioning 8'X6' for 8-10 hens)? And what would be the best floor covering for a plywood floor? I've heard about deep litter method, but should I cover the plywood first? Any other tricks/tips would be appreciated!! Thanks :)
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    There is an excellent article on ventilation linked in my sig line, written by a Canadian. It's possible that covering your open eaves with hardware cloth for predator protection would be all you need to do. If you decide to insulate, you'll need to cover the insulation with something like chipboard or the chickens will eat it. The trouble is the dynamic of every coop is a bit different.

    As for no windows, they should have some source of natural light, whether it opens or not.

    Many people cover a wood floor with linoleum or vinyl for ease of cleaning and to preserve it longer.

    You might want to check out our Alaska thread, here. You can always PM a few members of it, too.

    Good luck!

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