Venting a Wisconsin coop ?


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Mar 4, 2008
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Hello Everyone! This past weekend we put up our chicken coop. we are also putting in furmeldahide free insulation in it top to bottom ,it has two windows,one on the east facing and one south facing.
My question is should their also be vents ? And were should they go? I heard that if it's not vented properly my chickens could die next winter when we keep them up.I forgot to mention the coop is 8x16 and I will have about 16 to 20 chickens in it at one time.

Thank You so much to all that help.
We put those screened slated vents in ours. Our coop faces east and we put one above the door and one directly across from it in the back. The main thing is to get cross ventaltion or your air won't move. Then the moisture stays in the coop and causes health problems. Oh, we have an 8x8 coop.
Thanks so much Farmer Kitty, That helps alot I didn't want to vent through the top and we thought it would be easier to put vents at the top of the sidewalls (wishing we were carpenters)
Thanks again.

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