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    Jun 28, 2014
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    I live in ventura and i have a sick chicken she is very lethargic her back feathers are thinning (not tail feathers) and her tail feathers are down. she is having problems balancing and i have given her a broken raw egg and she eats it up like crazy i have seen her drink also! I don't know what to do or give her?!?! Does anyone know a Vet in ventura county that will treat chickens? I can't stand to watch her suffer like this:( I don't want to kill her but i don't want her suffering either! Please help me!!!!
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    Could the other chickens be keeping her from food and water? How old is she? Has she been laying eggs recently? Can you stick a finger inside her vent an inch or two to feel for a stuck egg? Offer her some electrolyte water or Gatorade to drink. Cooked egg, tuna, and feed moistened with water are usually eaten well. How does her crop feel--full or empty, hard or soft? Does she have any tiny bugs around her vent that could be lice or mites?

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