Vermont: reguarding selling eggs, home canning, soap?


8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
im looking to set up a farm stand in vermont to sell my eggs, homemade soap, fresh vegtables, jams, canned tomoato products??? i have called everyone and it seems they are all on vecation and will call me next week. i was thinking for now maby i could get somewhere here. i know there are the "cottage laws" that apply in vermont but cant find them actually listed anywhere.

i did. you can sell eggs with out anything so long as it is a total of income less than 10,000. also, you can process and sell chickens less than 1000 birds and less than 10,000$. also, you can sell home processed canned goods including pasta sauce, tomato sauce, jams, jellies pickles etc. also, soap is ok to sell so long as you dont claim anything about it. i called my extension office and eventually when they called me back she was very helpful.
What do you mean by soap is ok to sell so long as you dont claim anything about it. claim what?
I am in Bethel, Vt where are you?
i live in readsboro vt. you cannot claim it has a health propertys ie. moisturizing etc.
where did you find this information? I have searched the vermont ag website , and they clearly state All Eggs must be labeled properly and graded according to regulations doesn't give any exemptions for cottage sales...cottage sales only refers to baked goods.
Where did you find the information on if it is less 10,000 you do not need to do anything (i assume labeling still needs to be correct) i am trying to find it, but cant. Or was it just what they told you? Shouldnt it be somewhere in the VT AG laws?
If the links don't work I'd call the state dept of Ag to get specific info for your sized egg laying flock, etc. you may need weights and measures to approve your scale...better safe than sorry when dealing with the State!

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