Hi. Welcome to BYC. I just saw this. I love Bennington
I live in Mass just south of Brattleboro. I love to go to camelot Villiage every year christmas shopping. I think there is a tractor supply in your area. Why dont you order with them?
Yes I do have a tsc here but they will not be getting any untill the 16th of april. But I now have eggs in my bator. If you dont mind me asking are you in Greenfield or Bernardston? My DH works in Brattleboro, I my self am origonally from Halifax, VT.
I am in Greenfield, but on the north end just a few minutes from Bernardston.. I was hoping to hear from you today because i was thinking of going to brattleboro and was going to offer to meet you on Rt 9 so you could put a few EE eggs in on time with the others.
Hi Lurky and all Vermonters!

I grew up in Northfield, Ma. Just saying hello, in N. Idaho now. I also lived in Ludlow Vt. for 8 yrs teaching skiing at Okemo, so a hello to all in that beautiful state! I tell my friends back there that here in N. Idaho, it's like Vermont with taller Mtns, and a slightly milder climate! No potatoes here, we are far North, just an hour south of SE BC Canada in the upper upper panhandle. I hope the fall there was beautiful.. one of the few things I miss about New England.. the fall, the maple syrup, good Vermont cheddar, and the old architecture!
WOW...... I am the town Barber in Northfield Ma.
Nice place to be this time of year. I also have a friend from NFLD living in sandpoint right now.
Small world
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WHOA!!! tooo crazy! Yes the world is a very small place! I used to live actually 5 houses down from the IGA(not sure if it is still there) heading north! the White house has four huge pillars on the front of it.. right next to St Patric's Church! I did not expect a reply so soon! How long has your friend been living out here? -Tom.
He just moved out there this summer. I think he plans on moving back. But he went to spend some time with family. How long has it been since you have been around there? Did you go PVRS?

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