Verrrrrrrrrry excited! And a decision to make.


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UPS delivered my incubator today! It's a Hovabator 2362 (forced air) with egg turner. I set it up and plugged it in and within a few hours had the temp holding right at 100F--no eggs in it, just playing around. I will go tomorrow and get another thermometer and some hygrometers so I can see how my humidity is doing.

I have already ordered some eggs to be delivered late next week. I wish I could do a "test hatch" on my own, but my roos are young and haven't discovered girls yet, so no fertilized eggs on my farm. Plus, I have some travel plans in latter July and August and September, so I really can't have anything in the bator or brooder then.

So, it looks like this will be my one and only chance until fall. I've got 18 eggs coming...and another dozen I really want. But I'm wondering if it's wise to spend the money on even more eggs for a first hatch when I barely know what I'm doing. I mean, I've read every thread I can here about 10 times, made notes, studied, etc. But it is still a first hatch with a new bator. I just hate to wait until fall for more. Decisions, decisions...
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I would go for it. Waiting isn't going to make your bator work any better. You always take a chance with shipped eggs and if you have a bad hatch it doesn't mean you did anything wrong.
Success is best learned from failure step out of your comfort zone I always say.

I'm doing my first hatch and I have 25 eggs in the bator- all my own eggs. Scary amount, but it'll be worth it to find out if I can do this and do it right.
I say go for it!

I'm doing my first incubator hatch right now with eggs that I just hand carried on the airplane from California to Illinois... special eggs! It's a gamble that I am willing to take since I don't have a broody right now.

Break an egg!
Go for it!

This is my 1st time Hatching Chicken Eggs too. (Although I have hatched out many reptile eggs. They are very different in there needs.)

I have eggs from my hen, eggs from ebay & one last batch from someone on here on the way to be delivered on Saturday. Totally filled my egg turner! Ended up having to stagger the batches a bit. Thankfully I have 2 incubators up and running! I can see the veins & red spot of the baby chick in my 1st set of eggs already.
Humidity has fluctuated a little bit between 25 & 35%. Temp is holding right at 100!

I agree with Azriel... waiting isn't going to make the incubator work any better. Just be watchful of your temp/humidity. I check in on mine 3X a day (not opening it just checking from above).

Haha I said "I'm just going to try to hatch my eggs and "test" the incubator." The very next day I was ordering hatching eggs
I figure if I'm going to be going through all the trouble of checking the incubator, setting up the brooder, building an extra outdoor pen for the babies... well I better make it worth it!

Best of luck!!!
You sound EXACTLY like me! Just got my Hova bator. Plugged it it and sat and watched eggless egg turner...turn, like I was watching TV! lol! Just cannot wait to have eggs in it! Because of travel plans I have I cannot start eggs till the first of July.. sigh...
I have read everything I can get my eyeballs on. Read the Hovabator directions and started to get scared about trying to hatch eggs that were important to me. Thought I should set a couple random eggs in there but don't have any fertile eggs! I am getting 2 doz eggs sent from an Ameraucana breeder at the end of June from across the country. And these eggs ARE important to me! sigh... But on her advice I read about integrating flocks etc and I think I am just gonna jump in and try to hatch a big ol' batch my first time around.
**first time hatcher jitters****
You can also use some store bought eggs that are infertile or not going to hatch to see if you get any temperature or humidity spikes because its different when there are eggs inside
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Thanks, Alexander, that's a good idea. I think I am even going to try a "practice" lockdown attempt to make sure I can raise the humidity to the desired levels without dropping the temperature too much. Since I have a week before my eggs will be here and ready to set (due to the holiday weekend I couldn't have them shipped until Tuesday) I may as well make good use of the time, LOL.


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