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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ducklover15, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. I have a mallard drake that has been aggressive his entire life. He loves his mate and she actually pushes him around, but he HATES me and my family.

    Whenever we come into the cage to clean the pool, give food or change the water he chases us around and bites at our feet. He use to only chase us when we had our backs to him but now he'll attack whenever we come near him. He bit me so hard today that he actually drew blood. I'm scared to even go and see my girl now.

    I have Call ducks hatching and I wanted to put them in the same cage when they were old enough, but now I don't want to with the aggressive drake.

    Is there anything I can do to calm him down or is it time to say good-bye?
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    Good bye! Or you could actually try and keep him in a seperate cage for a while...he might calm down.
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    i think good bye is your best bet. sorry [​IMG]
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    No, I don't think you need to get rid of him. You just need to show him who is boss and that he is lower on the pecking order than you and your family. I have a Muscovy drake (big, big, guy, approx. 15 lbs!!) that has become very agressive and I have to grab him, flip him onto his back, and hold him down, all the while making sure the wings are pinned, as well as his feet (very sharp claws) and beak. It isn't as hard as it sounds. Some people suggest just putting your hand on his back and pushing him to the ground (without hurting him) and hold his head and body still until he quits struggling. This is how he holds the hens, and how other drakes show who is top boss. For some drakes, this will work. For my drake, everytime I let him up, he jumped me again!! LOL The only thing to get through his thick skull was to actually flip him on his back so he was helpless, and let him lay there for a few minutes with me standing over him. Once I let him up, then he is usually ok. Sometimes I have to do it twice.

    He's a big boy and really "needs" some hens. He is in with another drake, but HE is top drake in the pen. I have some smaller hens (different breed) and they are younger, so I have to wait til they are a bit older/bigger to put them together. Meanwhile, he will just have to wait! LOL

    Good luck with your drake. Don't give up on him yet. Research how to restrain an agressive drake. It has been discussed on here before, cause that is where I found info.

    Take care,
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    don't under estimate calls!

    I have four drakes, and THEY chase my big pekins around!

    when they're older, they might be the ones doing the bossing!
  6. I try to grab his beak sometimes just to get him out of the way. I've never seen such an aggressive mallard before!! lol

    But I will definitely try some of those techniques before I have to say good-bye to him. Like I said, he's very attached to my girl and he's super nice to her. She lost her best friend about a month ago so I really would hate to have to take him away.

    Thanks for the advice! =]

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