Very Beautiful Silkie Roosters

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    Aug 26, 2007
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    Well my silkie roos have come of age and things are not going so well, lol. There is alot of picking going on so I need to get rid of at least 2 of them. They are very beautiful and come from high quality stock. These guys are between the ages of 11-14 weeks old so they still have ALOT of filling out to do. As you can see they already have massive crests and foot feathering. I will ship if you provide the box (or if I can get some before the auction is over). These will be a wonderful addition to any growing silkie flock. Thanks!!



    P.S. you will have the option to buy 2 if you win the auction or if you only want one, the second highest bidder will have the option to buy 1 for the price the highest bidder had to pay.

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