Very Bummed...i just candled my eggs.


10 Years
May 3, 2010
Southern NH
Got nothing. I will leave them for a few days and candle again. And to make it worse...i just called my local tsc and chicks are due tomorrow....but you have to buy 12. I already have 14 i dont have room for 12 more!!!

I could get a few days olds from my petchicken but i think they are pretty well out of bantams for another 2 months.... Bummer.....
Yeah, weird thing with that gotta buy 12 in NH, isn't it? Oh, well, it means the feed stores and TS don't get my chick business.
I really think that there must be some type of regulations with each state! (Now this is just a off the wall thought I'm coming up with)
Just seems kinda weird that the same company doesn't have a straight across the board rule on the min. and that it goes state by state!! I know ours has a 6 chick min.

Sorry you didn't have any luck with your eggs!!
Yes, there are signs in some of the feed stores that say the 12 chick minimum is due to state regulations. I'm sure it varies from one to another.
Talk to the manager at TSC. Mine also has a minimum required purchase (I think it was 6 last year). I only wanted to add two to my flock at the time so I talked to the manager and she was happy to let me get just two. I think they set a minimum so that people who don't know what they're doing don't buy a single chick to put in a bird cage in the house. But once she was satisfied I know what I'm doing, already have a flock, only needed to add a couple to the flock - she was happy to let me get a smaller number of birds.

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