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Aug 19, 2013
My hen has been laying for over 2 weeks now, she's a rhode rock. Had an egg every day since she started, thy have been very normal eggs, bit in the small side but nothing out the ordinary. Today we was sat in garden enjoying watching them, when I said to my partner the rhode rock (olive) looked like she was going to lay an egg, funny enough out popped an egg with. Soft rubbery shell, with in seconds before I could get in run the other chickens had pecked and eaten the whole lot!!! I couldn't believe she had done this, because I had already had a perfect hard shell egg from her first thing in the morning, anyway 10 mins later she done exactly the se thing, out popped another soft shell egg and chooks destroyed it with in secs. Then 10 mins later she done another. They have all gone to roost now so I don't know what she is going to do. I am very confused about how this could happen, 1. I thought it took 25 hours to produce an egg? 2. She ALWAYS lays in the nest, but these soft ones she didn't? 3. She had already layed a hard shell egg today? 4, I am now worried the other chooks that aren't laying yet have now got the taste for the yolk and will destroy all her good eggs she lays in the nest.....??????

Please any advise would help.

My hens are all egg eaters, I've never had a problem with egg eating though because they rarely eat eggs from a nesting box. If the egg is cracked or on the ground they will eat it, chickens are interested in whatever lands on the ground.
Chickens will sometimes lay soft shelled eggs when stressed or when they aren't getting enough calcium supplements. I'm not sure about why your pullet layed so many eggs in one day though, maybe the developing eggs were rushed and didn't have enough time to form?
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