<< Very Cute >> * and nobody pooped in the pumpkin! *


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Sep 24, 2008
oh, oh dear, i think my gorgeous gauge just exploded, oh dear...

they are soooooooo gorgey gorgey gorge gorge!!GoRgEoUs!!!!!

Farm Chic

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Aug 21, 2008
Davisburg, MI
yes, they are very cute! What was the second and third chick? Are they all EE? I am a newbie here and I am not an expert of breeds! So please forgive me. And I may have to steel your idea as well!


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Jul 2, 2008
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Quote:They are all Designer Chicks (mixed
) I got them from Quail_Antwerp and these are her guesses after seeing them...

Ok my guesses are, EE, I am pretty sure the dad is Pocket my Buff Orp, as that is the only Roo I ever saw with the EE girl, but I could be wrong.

One yellow chick looks like it has a reddish cast to it, which makes me think Red Star. And I am thinking Buff Orp Daddy.

The other yellow chick I am thinking is a Buff Orp dad with Buff Rock Mom, because the buff rock has yellow legs.

Now your dark one, I am stumped!! Looks like a partridge Rock chick to me, but I never saw her give up an egg! And the leg color makes me think of an EE, so maybe a partridge rock with an ee dad?

Thanks for all the nice replies everyone...Glad you like the pics.

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