Very dark eggs and humidity levils.


Dec 30, 2015
In the next month or so I am going to buy an incubator. I have French Black Copper Marans. The shell and membrane are very thick and the color is very dark. Someone told me that I may have trouble hatching this kind due to humidity problems with them.
Anyone ever hatch this kind and have good luck?
And will I need to adjust the humidity level different than what the manual would tell me to set it at?
Also suggestions for an incubator. I want one that would hold at least 30 or so and able to use it inside so the grandchildren could watch and learn when they are here. Thoughts please. Thanks.

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Aug 16, 2014
Hi :welcome
Glad you could join us here! I've not hatched that particular breed but you should be able to see how you need your humidity at the first candling. Humidity can be a varying thing for people. What works for me may not work for you. Your environment/home can make a difference. Also what kind of incubator you have can make a difference. Your humidity needs to be an average over the entire incubation period so the egg loses enough moisture and the air sac grows in adequate size. Too low and it will grow too much, too high and it will not grow enough. Here is a chart on a or sac growth during incubation ~

This article is a must read before you start incubating, it has so much information to help you ~

As for an incubator I would say buy the best you can afford and double check the tell and humidity readings. They often say they are calibrated but can be wrong. The review section has a great section on incubators ~

Good luck!


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Nov 30, 2013
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I get excellent hatches on my BCM's with "dry incubation". I keep the RH below 30, usually closer to 20, and then jack it up on lockdown to 80+. With this I get excellent hatches on dark brown and blue eggs (another group that needs lower humidity). I had more BCM chicks than I could find homes for last year, a lot are now free ranging on the farm (and doing very well at it).


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Dec 8, 2015
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I am currently hatching some BCM eggs at the moment and they are pipping and zipping quite well. I kept my humidity in the 30's the first 18 days. On day 19 when I noticed internal pipping, I increased the humidity to around 65% and the chicks are having no difficulties so far. I think anywhere in the range of 25-40% the first 18 days is fine based on everything I've read. Just monitor the air cells and decrease humidity if your air cells measure small, increase if they measure too large. Worked great for me.


Dec 30, 2015
Thanks everyone for the information. I am reading everything I can before I attempt to start hatching. I will read the recommended threads that have been posted.

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