Very disapointed:(


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Sep 24, 2012
Well I had my very first chicks ordered from Meyer Hatchery, twice. I guess it's a sign that I really should wait for spring. When I first placed my order online I recieved an email that they had my payment but no record of what I ordered. So I called them and she corrected my order because their website gave me a wrong availability, so instead of a hatch date of October 29, they would not be available until November 19. ( this was my first second sign) So anxiously awaiting the arrival of my very first chicks, getting my coop ready, etc., since the end of September. Monday, October 29, I recieve a phone call from the hatchery to let me know that something happened with the hatch of the 29th, so I would have to wait. I explain about the confusion with my order and the change to November 19th hatch date, and she had no record of that hatch date! I would now have to wait until January for my chicks! Um, yea, that's ok, I will find someplace hopefully more reliable to order from. Serves me right to try to order a small number in the fall. I chose them for the reputation and the fact that they were closer to Pa. I don't want to order from Texas or California because of the shipping distance and charges.
I know there are so many breeds out there, but I really want to get Buff Orpingtons for my first and then RIR's but they aren't something I can just pick out of my local newspaper. :(
aw! I'm sorry for your complications. try craigslist, you can usually find good breeds fairly locally
Sorry to hear of your issues with Meyer...what a bummer when you are all ready to get going....but...I wouldn't totally write off Meyer. They are a good place. I've been there (fortunate enough to live less than 90 minutes away) and they have been really good to work with, their facility is very clean and I have had wonderful birds from them, including a Buff Orpington (Lyndsey, who is now going on 5 years old), Buckeyes (awesome personality), Speckled Sussex, RIR, Welsummer, Golden Comets, Silver Laced Wyandotte...and so on. I guess I'm just saying, don't give up on them! Good luck whatever you end up doing:)
What a bummer. I remember how anxious I was waiting for that first box of chicks.
I'm sorry you're having problems. I also have had very good luck with Meyer hatchery. Here's a hint, although she probably wont' thank me for it--try asking for Ursula when you call. She's a manager-type person and always more knowledgeable than the girls they have answering the phone.

Personally, I would advise against the "just try Craigslist" advice. CL is a fine thing, but you have to deal with diseases and liars. If you go through a hatchery, you are much less likely to bring disease onto your property, and you can get the chicks vaccinated in advance. And a hatchery won't sell you a three year old bird and tell you it's a pullet.

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