Very disappointed in egg color BCM


12 Years
Jan 29, 2011
Niles, MI
I purchased a pair of BCM's from a breeder here in the valley. I don't know much, but wanted dark brown eggs to add to my rainbow of layers. She said they would be terracotta colored, which although wasn't what I wanted them for, I was fine with because, again, would be a unique color in my egg basket. Wellllll.... the color is regular 'ol brown, very close to the RIR, BR and BO. Any chance this color will change as she matures?
The more they lay, the lighter the eggs get. It is the same with my Ameraucanas. They start with a bright blue. The more eggs they lay. the lighter the eggs get.
Their eggs are not a bright blue again until they take a break(molt) and start laying again. Then, it starts all over.
I have BCMs and their eggs are chocolate brown they are easy to tell apart from my BRs and NHRs and others. Do you have a pic of some of your eggs and girls?
I have one pair of BCM that are laying right now and believe me, they don't look like any of the other breeds whether it be RIR, BO, Rocks etc. Her egg is definitely dark, dark. I have 2 of the Blue Copper's and they just started laying a couple of weeks ago. Their first eggs were light but now almost every one is dark, dark. Only a little small like most pullet eggs. My BCM never did lay the small pullet eggs. She started laying her first egg Apr 24th and the picture is on my web page Check it out.
You didn't say how many eggs she has layed so far. My first BCM eggs came out barely a 4, but in about a week of laying, the "ink jets" warmed up, and they started laying a lovely "ruby" egg (5-6). I've heard many others say the same thing. As the hens get older, the color may fade somewhat, year after year. Also, different factors can affect egg color. Hot weather, lots of rain, stress (as in you just got them?), worms, and some claim different feeds, although I've not noticed that. Give them a chance to settle in and feel comfortable in their new digs.
I tried hatching some recently that I bought on here and they were also just about the same as my non-chocolate eggers. I lost all of them when my bator freaked, so I don't have to worry about having those around

Illia has BE U TI FUL colored eggs with her Marans. I got some from another BYCer in Texas (I think) that had great color.
Mine layed her first egg 4/27. Yes, size is good, her's are a long oblong shape, so I always know which is which.

I got them at 3 months old, so they have been here since February, and they were my first 2 for my flock. She has been laying since 4/27, not sure of the number, she probably lays about 5 eggs a week I'd say.

And now for the pictures.....




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