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  1. happyfeet

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    Dec 24, 2007
    okay, i posted about this chicken a few days ago. she has not gotton any better, so we decided she was suffering and had to kill her today (RIP angel). we had a golden comet hen, born 8-7-07, who just recintly start walking very squatty and slowly and low to the ground. her belly was very hard, a softball sized hard thing inbetween her back legs and slightly forward. after we killed her i cut her belly open to see what this hard thing was. the firt one was round/oval shaped about 5-6 inches around, the other thing was tube like shaped and was pushing up inside of her towards her head. very hard/sponge like tecture. i cut both open and there were hard boiled looking eggs inside of her. the round shaped one had three and the yellow yolk like centers were of the consistency of a hard boiled egg. the tube shaped one had one egg like thing in it and it s yolk was very yellow too, but mushy. one of the yolk things in the round one looked like there was a baby chick growing inside and had died and started to reabsorb back into the mass. what the heck happed here? i have never heard of this and cant find anything like this on the web or in any of my books??? i will post pictures shortly
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    internal laying, speckled hen is BYC's unwilling expert on that.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    Sorry that happened to your hen, but yes, internal laying. Do a BYC search for internal laying- there is a lot of info.

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