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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kangababy, May 16, 2011.

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    Mar 30, 2010
    Seems we are having very little luck this year with babies so far!

    So far we only have 3 Ring Teals and 2 unknowns since the ring teal hatched them out on the ground box! I have a Mandy who is way post overdue on her eggs but she is contining to sit on them. I have 12 chickens setting on who knows what kind of eggs since we are having a major dump nesting problem! only one of the chickens I know is setting on 6 Goldeneye eggs but I am afriad we waited to long ot pull them for teh box before putting them under her because she was laying 1 every could of sayd for 2 weeks before she started laying elswhere.

    Out of my 60+ boxes more than half of them have some eggs in them but the only birds that I have setting at 1 Apricot Wood ducks, 1 Merganger, 1 Smew, 7 other wood/madnarins, eyton, fuvullous and a Chileon widgeons. i have large eggs every where which have to be the trees ducks but no one wants to go Broody. so this past weekend I pulled all the eggs that I knew had been in there at least a week and no one had laid anymore..

    So an suggestions on how to get this organized so I know when to pull them from the boxes and put them under chickens not to mess up the ducks layign more!

    How long is a typical breeding season? We have had crazy weather since we build our Avairy and I am thinking that has alot to do with it...

    Since the pen was built in August, we have had record breaking snow twice, floods, massive tornados in April (we didn't have damage but it was all around us), and now in May this week the highs are 60s and low int he 40s! it has been a totally crazy year for weather and hoping the birds are just goign to be late layers. This time of year it is normally in the 80-90s during the day and we have only had maybe 2 weeks of realy spring weather!

    Also my Sebatopol geese haven't started laying either!!

    Any suggestions would be great!
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    Aug 3, 2009
    I wish I had a suggestion for you.
    This has been a bad year for laying and for hatching in the duck world.
    We've had a lot of weird issues so far this season and have only 17 ducklings at this point out of probably 100-150 eggs set.

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