Very first chicks - pics and a question!

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    Mar 5, 2012
    First, the question: I got some laying-type chicks yesterday, and my husband wanted to get a couple cornish rocks at the same time just to see how big the difference was, so we've got 6 easter eggers, 4 red pullets, and 4 of the cornish rocks. Will they be able to stay together indefinitely, or will I need to move the cornish rocks to a separate pen when they start seriously outweighing the other chicks?

    Second, the pictures! Chickens are cute, yo.

    Three of the easter eggers (the top two are the same chick):
    Two of the easter eggers are chipmunk-striped like the top one, two are very light with light tan striping like the bottom left, and two are very dark like the bottom right. I'm dying to know what they're going to look like when they grow up.

    One of the red pullets, twice:

    Group shots and my temporary 'brooder':
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    Cornish x's usually dont live very long, they suffer greatly from obesity and often die of heart issues. If you want them to live for more than 7-12 months you will need to put them on a strict diet and let them exercise. This may require you to keep them separate from the others, but temperment wise there shouldn't be an issue.

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