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  1. Symphony

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    I've made up my home remedy treatment for bumble foot, it's helped alot! It also helps hen's with bare backs. It helped my Mothers foot when she got jungle rot, it seems to be an awsome rememdy:

    2 tbs Aloe vera
    8th cup water
    half tsp Olive Oil or Conola oil
    1 cap tea tree oil

    Mix until pastey. If not pastey, then add more aloe. [​IMG]
  2. GoldenSparrow

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    Mar 11, 2011
    and do you just rub it on the foot?

    and what does it do for the bare backs
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  3. Symphony

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    Yes, I rub it on the foot. For barebacks, it''l protect your other hens from pecking the hen with bareback, it'll protect from sunburn. I've had results of feather growth.

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