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    I've been reading some threads on this and I'm not sure if they apply to me. I hope someone here can help me out.

    I have a glw 1 1/2 yr. old. She only eats layer pellets, scratch or boss several times a week, and has grit and oyster shell free choice. The run has always been bare. Inside the coop they have shavings on the floor and straw in the nest box.

    Her crop has been the size of a softball for months now and is very hard. She eats, drinks, and poops well. Last night she did not go up the ladder to roost. She laid on the floor. My husband thinks her crop is too heavy for her to fly up or walk up the ladder. Since she's had this hugh crop, she sort of shakes her body and neck as if to rearrange herself. She is the only hen that does this. Her crop does not smell at all. It is just hard like a baseball.

    I can't afford a vet and would like to treat her myself. I need step by step instructions on what to do. I am alittle scare especially when it says to be careful that you don't suffocate her.

    My chickens are so picky that they won't eat anything else. But if she's isolated with only special foods, I imagine she will be forced to eat them.

    Please help,
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    Sounds like she may have an impacted crop. Do a search to find out what you need to do. I just lost a hen to an impacted crop. We didn't get to her in time to save her. Good luck.
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    It seems like her problem is too far gone that she may need surgery. I can't do this! I am very squimish and faint easily!

    Can I give her some bread in olive oil instead of putting it down her throat with a syringe? and then doing the massaging?

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    Thank you Miss Lydia. Someone had referenced a proboard regarding impacted, sour, and pendelum crops that I read. The procedures sounded too complicated for me. It mentioned putting the syring way back in the tongue but to watch for the 2 small holes. I am just not very good at this sort of thing.

    I was hoping that maybe doing some bread soaked in olive oil and massaging might be enough. My chickens are so limited in what they eat that I can't figured out what could be inside her crop. Alot of people say that sometimes the o. oil can't break down the stuff.

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    I've never had to deal with this,so my input is very limited but I don't think I would give her bread. Seems like that would make it worse.... I have read about using the oil and then massaging the crop, I don't know how well it works though, but at this point I would try it, you just have to make sure it goes down her throat and not into her lungs. Also I have heard of people having to do crop surgery and pulling out wads of straw from the crop so maybe she's been eating the straw. I myself would not use straw or hay since I have read this..I wish I could be of more help... Sorry have you seen this link? I believe you could do this one on your girl...
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