Very high white blood count on BPR, now BO has a purple comb HELP!

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    My girls are 22 weeks. BPR had tail dropped, lethargic etc. Took her to vet did a CBC, vitamin shot, hydration. She perked right up. I suspect she has layed a few liquid eggs, she plopped one out while over night in the crate. . She also had dark green diarrhea. She is on antibiotics. So tonight I notice that my Buff Orp has purple on her tips of her comb and she is shaking her head a bit.

    CBC from BPR came back with HUGE elevated white cells, he said she was dealing with a major infection of some sort.

    I fear something strange is going through my flock...I will call the vet tomorrow and ask for antibiotics for all...Any suggestions.

    Is there an antibiotics that I can put in water? pilling 4 chickens twice a day AGH

    Any feedback PLEASE!!!

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