Very Hot and Bullied Chicken


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Apr 27, 2017
It's been hot here for the past 2 days, around 90. I have 3 hens, 1 which has been picked on by another (pulling feathers) since we got them a month ago. I've put the peepers on the aggressor and it seemed to be working until this heat started. As the 3 chickens are laying in their coop for shade in their dust baths, the other 2 are picking her relentlessly. So now the 2 aggressors both have the peepers, which is mostly working but not completely. If they see the victim in any sort of prone or vulnerable position they take advantage. They have plenty of water and breeze. I can separate them on the hot days, but it's a big inconvenience. Is there a long term solution?


6 Years
Jun 23, 2015
Hot weather can make chickens more aggressive. You could try setting up some treats, tossing some fruit out, and hanging lettuce for them to pick at, but sometimes a bullied chicken will continue to be bullied no matter what. Make sure there is plenty of space, perches, and barriers.

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