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    One of my oldest warrens has been looking very off color and today she is just sitting and not moving. I have given her worming powder in her food but still no sign of getting better. I have realised that whenever she gets to hot that she will start to pant and it looks hard to breath in her situation. Also I can see that her stomach is very swollen and she is very thin. She is still eating and drinking but is very ill i have found. Please help!![​IMG]
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    I'm sorry you're having trouble, how is your hen?

    Swelling of the abdomen can be an indication of internal laying/reproductive disorders like Egg Yolk Peritonitis, Ascites, Salpingitis, cancer or tumors. Symptoms can include loose droppings, loss of appetite, weight loss in the breast area, sometimes swelling from egg masses/matter or fluid in the abdomen, difficulty breathing and limping/difficulty walking. Antibiotic usually have little effect, so try to make her comfortable, offer some poultry vitamins and extra protein like chopped egg or tuna in addition to her normal feed.

    If the abdomen is filled with fluid, then sometimes you can give some short term relief by draining the fluid with an 18guage needle. If you have vet care that would be best, they can usually perform an xray to see if there are masses in the abdomen.

    I'm sorry to say, there is usually not much that can be done if she is suffering from one of these conditions. Do your best to keep her comfortable and hydrated. If she seems like she is suffering, then you may need to consider culling her.
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