VERY Impressed with Cackle's City/Town small order!!


9 Years
Dec 21, 2010
Holts Summit, MO
I ordered 10 Buff Orpington pullets in the City/Town small order special and was really impressed with the shipping!! They had a heat pack, Gro gel and crumbles in the packing the 10 girls all are very spunky and show no signs of shipping stress! When I unpacked the box they were very nice and warm as well as the packaging. I picked them up at 7am this morning.
I was expecting ours today
Hope our results are as good as yours!!
Yay for happy chickies!!

I'm on pins & needles waiting for my order from Cackle due to ship next week. I'm so happy to hear your good experience, it eases my nerves a little! This is my first time with shipped babies and with all of the nightmarish stories out there I worry about the poor little things in the mail. Thank you KatieBugg!
sooo glad to read this! I've got the small order bantam special coming in a couple weeks! I can't wait! Makes me feel like a little girl again!
where did you order from? i have been trying to find a small bantam order for pullets only. i can olny find straight run

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