very mean Brahma?


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Mar 21, 2010
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The chicks are about 4 weeks old I had 5 Brahma(all Pullets), 3 Cochin, 1 partridge rock a mystery chick and 6 wyndottes a week younger. All seemed to have very even calm temperaments handled daily. I sold a friend a cochin and 3 Brahma, her pick. She called the next day and said one of the Brahma chicks was a terrorist, biting her herding the other chicks away from her chicks. I mean really biting and holding on! So we gave it a few days and nothing changed.

I told her we would swap out chicks so yesterday we did. Holy Smokes! She is awful. Bite me on the inside of my wrist and left a mark! I haven't seen her attack the other chicks but can't say she hasn't. I walked around with her in my arms for about a half hour this afternoon. She never relaxed. Put her back in the outside pen with the others for awhile. When I went to pick her up she snapped again, I then held her down gently.

Any suggestions on what to do?
I also have a dark Brahma who is a little testy. She wants to act as though she is the boss, always running around buffing up when another chick runs across the run. The sad thing is that the other chicks don't pay her much mind. She has also pecked me and hung on. She reminds me of the kid who is always being the bully simply because they don't know how to fit it. I have taken to holding her and paying special attention to her. I always sit in the run and let the 9 chicks jump and sit on my lap. Thelma (my Brahma) never jumps up so I always put her on my lap and make the others get down. I don't know if as a chicken she realizes she is getting special treatment or not but it seems to calm her by not needing to compete when it comes to my attention. She still acts like she would want to peck but she doesn't. Every chick is an entity within itself so this may not work for you but it did in my case. BTW, Thelma is 6 weeks old tomorrow. She is way to beautiful to give up on!
I have an older girl that nailed me like that the other day. She bit (and I mean really bit) me in the skin between my thumb and index finger. I held her down first and let the others come up and give her some abuse, then I carried her around for a while. She hasn't done it again, and I'm hoping that it was a grumpy, I'm about to start laying thing for her.

ETA: She's not a brahma though. My brahma is the princess, but she doesn't bite me.
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My dark Brahma, Stevie, is the world's most affectionate girl. She is now about 7 weeks old and is demanding when it comes to attention but an absolute sweetheart. She comes running (or flying) to be first in line for scratches, dropping her head as soon as she gets to me. Stevie is obviously jealous too because I heard her growl one day when another chicken tried to crowd between her and I when she was on my lap. I just make sure to give her attention first and she seems to be contented with that arrangement.

Good luck figuring out what is going on in her head!
I have kept Brahmas for 3 years and have never had an aggressive one.....never even a single peck from even the big boys or the broody girls.

I think those of you who have had stroppy Brahmas are unlucky as they are usually gentle giants, but I guess there are always exceptions.

Their gentleness is one of the reasons I got them. I just need some suggestions on how to correct this terrible behavior. I am relatively new at this whole chicken thing(I got the chicken math immediately
) all my other 21 chickens are gentle

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