Very nervous here. Friend of a friend asked me to hatch peafowl eggs

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by kathyinmo, Sep 4, 2009.

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    YIKES.... I am new at hatching. 1st hatch was barnyard mix, to try it out .... great hatch 27 of 30. Now on # 2. Not as well. I have 7 of 11, and # 8 is not gonna make it. (Staggered hatch, more to come next week). I gave 1st hatch to an older lady who lost many of her flock to predators. She was just thrilled. Now her friend has asked me to hatch 2 peafowl eggs. She has a 1 yr old pair, and just got these eggs. Oh my gosh. What do I do differently, anything? Same as chickens?

    The eggs are here now, and I am letting them rest a day. She had them in an egg carton with the small end UP. She said, "I've been turning them." Meaning end over end. So if I let them rest 24 hours, will that due?

    Advise please! [​IMG]
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    well resting is good. peafowl are hard to hatch. humidity is very important has the temp. takes 28 days also. i found a link on google by looking up hatching peafowl. very imformative. sorry i cant help more. i have tried 15 with no luck hatching any
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    Just tell her absolutely no guarantees, you'll do your best but peafowl are notoriously hard to hatch.
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    I have tried unsuccessfully to hatch peafowl. Most recently, I had 2 clears & 2 bloodrings out of my 4 eggs. I have a cabinet incubator. My chicken & quail eggs are doing very well, so I know it's not temps. Good Luck.
    Peafowl breeding season is over.
    Where did these eggs come from? I wouldn't be surprised if the are either old or not fertile.
    I just hope the lady that gave you the eggs is aware of that.
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    That's exactly what I told her, that I would do my best, but that I had heard they are very difficult to hatch. She collected them this week, and waited until today in hopes of getting one more. Her pair are one year old.

    Well, I am sure gonna try for her.
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    If her pair are one year old, they will not be fertile.
    Two year old hens can lay fertile eggs sometimes when put with a 3 year old male, but a one year old pair will not get you chicks.
    Peacocks reach sexual maturity at 3 years old, when they have a full train.
  7. kathyinmo

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    Aahhh, thank you for that information!

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