Very nice older solid wood quilt rack

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    I will add a photo later that shows the feet of the stand. This is from a lady's estate where I was told it was at least 30 years old. It has spiral/twisted legs and is a very nice piece. I just don't have space to walk in our house.

    The top rung is brighter than the rest of the rack - Maybe because it was covered by a quilt. It appears that the top rack is cherry and the rest of the rungs are stained walnut or perhaps walnut but I cannot be sure without stripping the veneer which I don't want to do.
    Because I cannot verify that it is an antique, only sturdy made/no splits, attractive and would make a great quilt holder, I'm not asking an antique price in the reserve.

    Hope to add another picture in a few hours.

    Re shipping:I have put $0 in the shipping as I prefer this to be a pickup item only as I don't think I can ship it. If you can provide a shipping box large enough to ship and are willing to pay the shipping prices, I'll give it a try for you, though.

    Please let me know if you have any questions and have a blessed day.

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