Very noisy hen almost "crowing" in the dawn


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Aug 8, 2013
Hi - we live in a quiet suburb of Sydney, Australia and have 2 light sussex crosses who are both laying ( finally!) and are about 8 months old. We have a small coop bought online that is fine for 2 birds as a "bedroom" because they free range all day. It has a little house, run and nest boxes and roosts ( which they won't use).
One of them, Korma, has now decided that once she is awake, the whole neighbourhood needs to be awake. Hence, we are now awoken by a squawking "egg song" at about 6 am...this will only get earlier as we are just into spring here and the sun comes up much earlier in the real summer months...about 5am. She is so loud that I am sure we are about to get complaints from neighbours as she really might as well be a rooster. We have tried shutting them into the house bit at night ( they sleep in the nest boxes anyway - another story!) hoping that she may be quiet - this worked until yesterday. The house has glass fronted windows which I am going to block so as to see if this fools her into believing its still night time.

Any suggestions anyone? All advice gratefully received. Thanks.
Sorry - should have said that as soon as I let them out of the coop, she is quiet as a mouse!

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