VERY odd behavior, sick pullet.

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    Last week I had a sick pullet (7 mos. 'Brucie'). She is better but another one (Alice) fell sick today with the same thing Brucie had. We had taken Brucie home because she was very sick, we opted to let Alice remain in the run/coop because she doesn't seem as bad. When they went to roost tonight I was watching closely because Brucie had been beat up a little when she was sick. Alice went to roost first and then the others went in. A couple of the Rhodies roosted near her and were pecking at her a little so I was thinking of taking her out. Then there was a raucous and when I looked in again, Alice was in the same spot but the other two Rocks were with her. Brucie next to her and Li'l Peep across from her and Brucie was rubbing her head near Alice's head and on her side and her feet. Brucie has done this to me a couple times when she was sitting with me where she would very quickly rub her head under my chin and around my neck and she would be trilling while she did it. I couldn't hear if she was trilling but she was definitely doing this same behavior to Alice.

    If I did not know better I would think they were comforting and protecting Alice but I have never seen such behavior in chickens.

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    I have heard of chickens seeming to comfort and/or protect other chickens....(examples from this forum, I'm fairly sure---) but at this moment, cannot locate to link. It could be that chickens do show what appears to be those traits toward other chickens.

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