very pale comb, please help me

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  1. jadie

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    Nov 9, 2012
    today I notice my hen (6 months old) has a very very pale comb and face in general. almost pale pink. her comb has always been very big and red and today I got very nervous. I was too busy yesterday and didn't notice it. I gave them medicated chick food and sprayed the coop with mite prevention from tracker supply before they went in the coop as chicks. right now they are eating layena pellets, peaches, tomotos, apples, grapes, etc and lots of grass! she still eats normally as far as I can tell and she doesn't seem to act sad or sick and I have no reason to think shes not laying. I have never wormed any of them (6 totol) and have never had chickens before. she has a full crop at the moment but I will check tomorrow morning just incase. should I worm her/them? if with what that will not harm the eggs ? thank you so much Im so worried about her! I will try and post a picture in a little while
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    Jun 3, 2013
    I would worm all of them.
    What does her poop look like? Any blood?
    Also, check all of them for lice/mites.
    Check the pale one for any wounds.

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