Very persistent broody hens!


7 Years
Mar 6, 2012
Yorkshire, England
Hello all, I have a mixture of hens from my flock of around 50 that will not stop being broody. Pekins, sussex, orpingtons are the main birds that try it. I constantly move them every day when I collect the eggs but the next day back again.

I have even tried putting ice cubes underneath them and they still wont budge.

Have any of you guys and gals got any other alternatives? Ive heard of using raises wire or something so their bellys get cold but they are using my main nest boxes and the other girls may not lay.

The only successful method I've experienced is the elevated, open-mesh bottom cage. And I place a fan under it at night, which speeds up the process. Usually, a hen will be "broken inside of three days with this method, but I've had some persist beyond five days.

As long as you permit them to sit on a nest, they will remain broody for a month or longer.
I agree, seems like I've seen folks have the best luck with a wire bottom cage, elevated. If they have access to the nest, they'll continue to be broody. You have to cool their undersides to help break the hormonal cycle that keeps them broody.
I agree with the above about using wire cages to break broodys. I just use wire dog crates sitting on pieces of 2x4, with wire spacing that is about 1 x4" on the bottom and put perches in there and small food and water dishes hanging from the side so they can't sit in them. They don't like to stand on the wire so sit on the perches most of the time, usually they give up in a couple of days, but I leave them in there a week. Have never tried the fan idea, can see why that would go even faster.

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