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    Mar 25, 2017
    Good evening
    Could anyone kindly advise me please, I have a silkie that was sitting on eggs in her coop, on Tuesday she didn't seems right didn't wont to eat and was unbalanced on further investigation I found the poor thing had a lice infestations, I've treated her for this and all the lice have gone but her balance is getting worse to the stage she can hardly stand up now without falling over[​IMG] And she is curling her feet a lot , I'm having to hand fed her every 2/3hrs and syringe water into her, I'm giving her a multi vitamin 3 times a day, I've done a lot of reading and it looks like she might be anemic can anyone PLEASE advise me with anything that might help I'm worried sick I'm going to lose her, has anyone managed to save a chicken tat is anemic?.
    Thank you for reading this and I'm so grateful for any help & advise please I live in the U.K.

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