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    Sep 28, 2010

    i am looking after somebody elses chickens and a bantam cockerel is in a bad way. he exhibits the following.....

    - pale, floppy comb which i think may have been pecked by someone today as there was spot of blood on it.
    - he is very lethargic and just stands there mostly with his head tucked back towards his back and into his feathers.
    - he definitely has scaly legs which i am going to start softening with vaseline or baby oil tomorrow (i thought maybe baby oil with a drop of tea tree? good idea?)
    - i picked him up today and had a look down at the base of his feathers and there is no sign of nasty beasties but i think he might be moulting as there were some new feathers pushing through.
    - his eyes and ears seem ok and clear as does his beak.
    - he just looks very sorry for himself and all droopy, his tail feathers droop etc.
    - i'm not sure what age he is but i don't think he's an oap.
    - there are a lot of snuffles in the other chickens and i expect they all have colds? the ones she gave me sound like they have colds but seem healthy and active in all other ways.
    - the water was disgusting, full of algae and stale food and smelt like dog poo! needless to say, i scubbed and refreshed them much to the chickens delight.
    - stale food was on the ground which i have cleared up. they are fed corn so i put down some layers pellets today. i also give them chopped up apples and they had some bread.
    - the coops need a clean out but aren't too bad.
    - i don't think they have been womed for a long time if ever.

    i don't want to go all gung ho and interfere too much but can't just leave them as they are so i have tried to do some things without going too mad and interfereing busybodyish! i think they are simply ignorant of what they should be doing rather than neglectful as they are sweet people.

    basically, is there anything i can do to give this cockerel a boost? he is eating by the way although he is chased away from the food but i make sure he gets some.

    also, what can i do about the chickens with colds as i would like to clear this problem up at my place?

    thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

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    I would treat the scaly leg mites first...vaseline works, it'll suffocate them. Visually inspect them for lice/mites, including the bantam cockeral, that could be the cause of him acting lethargic. You can treat them with tylan 50 for respiratory issues, perhaps the water soluable would be best in this situation. Since you dont know their worming history, use wazine first...AFTER their respiratory issues have been cleared up. I applaud you giving them layer feed and freshwater and overall care you are providing. I wish you the best.

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