Very pretty laying hen!

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  1. I sadly have to get rid of my hen. I am willing to trade, or sell. i wanted a chick. i love in white lake, michigan. she has showing potential, but i have no idea what breed she is because i got her from a auction. Her name is alfredo, or lorretta. she is very friendly and is laying once a day. 09FA5786-57BE-4175-8ECE-329358A182E1.jpeg
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    Jun 9, 2017
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    I can't take her, as I live too far away, but i may be able to help you on what breed she is! Do you know what comb type she has?
  3. i have no idea, sorry!
  4. Uno

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    She would be a great addition. She is very pretty. I have 3 hens now. Two of them are 5 this summer. The other one is 2 in April. How much are you asking? I am pretty close to you. Auburn Hills.
  5. Around $10-15. I have put quite a bit of money into her! ;)

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