Very Rare Blue Isbar Hatching Eggs, Buy Per Egg or Per Dozen

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  1. Blue Isbar Hatching Eggs in NW Oregon: We only keep hens in the breeding pen that lay minty green or light sage with light speckling, NO tan/brown eggs! These eggs are $5 each or $55/dozen and will get you blue, black, and splash chicks. Excellent layers from the only single comb green egg layers in the world. Medium size birds are very feed efficient and cost effective, not flighty like some other production egg breeds. Very attractive birds.

    We have not had the problems others have experienced of weak legs, failure to thrive, etc. We have Isbars from geographically distant sources. Photos are of our birds/eggs. The mixed egg photo are Marans, OE, and Isbar. The very green eggs are Isbar (second generation on top, original birds on bottom). Eggs in hand are OE.

    Also have single comb Olive Egger hatching eggs, Isbar over Marans and also Isbar over F1 BCM X CCLegbar for $2.50 each. Mix and Match with pure Isbars OK!

    Shipping options include single or double-boxed, Priority or Express Mail. Buyer pays choice of these options, PM for shipping quote with your request and zip code.

    We often have a waiting list for our hatching eggs and do accept deposits to hold your reservation. Please PM for more information or to order. Mahalo for looking!

    04/26/15 updated some of the photos
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