very red, sore, bald hen!


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
I have 4 hens, my bluebelle is bald all over her chest right under her tummy and round her vent area (where she is also very pooey), essentially she has just a long bald patch from chest to bum! It is very very red and inflamed however i cannot find mites or lice on any of the chickens or in the coop! I'm thinking maybe she'd picking her own feathers as we never see any others picking at her, we are giving her lots of extra protein yoghurt, sultanas, scrambled egg (i know it seems just so wrong but it apparently helps). If any of you have any other ideas what this might be it'd be a massive help because although she seems fine in herself, eating well, still laying etc it looks so sore and it's been ongoing and getting worse for over 2 months. Any suggests on how to just soothe the soreness would be appreciated too
One of my rescue hens had a slight prolapse and the other hens pecked this area and all down her neck. She was one big red hot sore at both ends poor thing. I took her out, washed her in eqyss microtek shampoo and then slathered her in the microtek gel. I did this a couple of times and by the next day, her skin was back to normal colour and her vent area was bruised but no longer a red mess. Hope this helps. We named our chicken hooha after this, she is one of only 2 that have names!
Thank you so much! i actually noticed just after posting this that she has a slight prolapse when she went for a poo! sounds like exactly the same thing! thank you!! i'll let you know how she gets on, i'll go out this afternoon to get the stuff to wash her
I gave her a bath in medicated small animals shampoo and then used antiseptic violet spray, this morning she's as red as ever, i've slathered her in sudocrem this morning and will bathe and spray her again later. anymore ideas? i dont want to have to cull her
If you can get hold of plain aloe gel and smother her in that it will help. They use it on burns etc, including sunburn. See what she is like when the sudocrem comes off...
she's fixed!!!! aloe vera gel did the trick!
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