very sad - beautiful roo is gone

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  1. must have been a hawk. i walked away for only a few minutes as an inspector was at my house. darn it all. i came back and all i found was a pile of black feathers. my gorgeous austrolorp rooster gone. All the hens and other roosters were clucking like crazy trying to tell me what happened. very sad day.
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    Sounds like he mightve sacrificed himself for the safety of the others. Sorry for your loss. I hope another one of your roosters steps up in his place.
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    Awe how heartbreaking [​IMG] So sorry, I know how much it hurts and the guilt we feel when it happens. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Sorry to hear that [​IMG]
  5. yeah, i have other roos but he was the top dog so to speak. and so nice and tame. i found a few white feathers too so it does look like he saved his 10 ladies.
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    How sad.
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    sorry for your loss. he died protecting his sisters which is what his natural instinct was to do. he died knowing he saved his friends which is all you can think to stay positive. sorry for your loss and may he rest in peace. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Good roo!!! Thats their job!! I am sorry for the boy >
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    He died with his boots on. A good death for a roo. Sorry for your loss, but don't be sorry for him. He died doing what he should have been doing. He was a darn good boy. Hopefully one of his subordinates will step up and fill his very big shoes.

    Good luck.
  10. thank you. i always feel good watching them protect their hens. it's just heartwarming for some reason. even when he would come over to the dog and peck her butt if she accidentally got too near them. the dog would just look at me bewildered and say "what did i do?" anyway, we're going to save some of the eggs this week and hatch them so his progeny will live on!

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