Very Sad Day~ My White Peahen died!!!


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Northen Va
This morning went out to check on her.. and she is dead.. I am very very sad.. she ... I havent a clue still all what happened

Remember she was the one that out of the blue got the swollen eye/ and I treated her with the tylan 50 for a few days.. and the swelling came down and her eye got all better..etc

then she became in the past couple of days.. not moving.. unable to walk.. etc

I only had her what a few weeks..... wowzer....................................

today she is dead..

so sad..
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So sorry you lost her
She seemed to have alot of problems from the short time ya had her
this happens sometimes and we never know why sure makes it hard to deal with
So very sorry... it didn't sound good,. Your other peafowl will be better off to not have one that has been sick, once seemingly better, the sinus/eye issues can sometimes be very contagious. As for the other problems, I would invest in some Fishzole if you have peafowl and chickens on the same property... May never need it but the $20 bucks is well worth it when you do, especially as the sooner it is treated the better response you get. Also with peafowl get them on a regular worming program and I do all my chickens too, as many things that chickens carry, parasite wise, can be lessened affecting other birds with worming.
thanks everyone.. she was never spunky like the others were when I got her... always more laid back.. so I just thought what a very calm peahen... then she started drooping her wings not long after I got her.. in hinsight its all learning.. and I am sad.. but I did what I could. I though do wonder what and how long she may have been ill... ??? I remember my friend saying.. she isnt running all over the place like all the others were when we first got her. But maybe she was just a very calm peahen compared to the others, or maybe egg bound.. but remember that first post I put up about her, when I first got her.. she kept doing that opening her mouth yawning thing.. and stretching out her neck?? I remember I must have added that post a day or so after I got her..
none of the other peas were doing that strange thing

so maybe she was ill.. for sometime.. I dont know.. but I did treatments .. and the tylan surely cleared up the sinus thing. After talking to a vet.. they were saying that.. the sinus is a cause from some other illness already etc.. but then again.. this wasnt a pro lifestock/ bird vet etc.. so I will now just watch all the others.

Now to get me another white peahen?? of breeding age.. MMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN......but then I think I will just wait.. but I have two peacocks and only one peahen..

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