Very sad, distraught hen...


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Beaver County, PA
Gabby's 'man' left this morning to live with another group of gals and she is so unhappy.

They were from the same hatch and she always seemed to depend on him in a chicken kind of way. He turned out to be a very people-aggressive roo and it's taken a while, but I actually found a home for him. (he was headed for freezer camp) But now I have a very unhappy hen....the other hen doesn't seem to notice so much. I don't think I'll let them free range for a couple days.

I hope she'll be ok without him. I've seen her stand somewhere, like a statue, making a wee noise until he'd come running and crowing to her .... then she would calmly walk with him.

He is my avatar and I already miss him too. If we didn't have grandkids and neighbor kids to worry about, I think we would have put up with it (okay, not according to DH since he's the one getting flogged). I'm gonna go cry with Gabby girl now

ps...if anyone has advice about helping her adjust, please let me know.


11 Years
Nov 19, 2008
You can distract her with her favorite treats and a new toy or dust bath.

I'm sure there are plenty of friendly roosters out there needing homes...


11 Years
Oct 18, 2008
grand prairie, tx
I only have (had) 7 hens but then one of the more outgoing hens died after a stroke-like event and her other two sisters seemed down and missing her. I rearranged the coop at that time and placed the two sisters together for the first time. One sister had been living with her hatchmate until she became ill, then the sick one got her own apartment (old rabbit cage). I found that the newness of change seemed to take their minds in other directions than missing their poor sister and somehow helped them through their distress--basically by giving them something else to be bothered about. crazy.
It also helps to give your two remaining hens some glam time. Pick them up and pet them, hand feed them oats or some chopped veggie treat. It will help them cope and they may come to enjoy their 'me' time with you.

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