Very Sad. Need new home for a rooster in Tucson

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    Mar 28, 2008
    Well.....our "guaranteed" hen is now crowing.
    And crowing, and get the picture.
    We have these birds mostly as pets for the kids.
    Yes, we love getting eggs too, but do not plan to eat them.
    The kids are so sad that "Chickzilla" turned out to be a boy.
    We have been putting him in the garage at night, but now he has started making noise by 6:30. We live in the city and are not allowed to have roosters. I'm mad at the feed store, but don't know what to do. Today he has been crowing about every 1/2 hour since early morning. My DH even said he heard someone yelling "Shut up you stupid bird!" So, keeping him is just looking less and less possible.
    We are eventually going to get in trouble.
    I've threatened Zilla with dumplings, but to no avail......he just will not shut up.
    Sooooooooooooo, anyone have suggestions or run into this before.
    My guess is that the feed store will take the full grown, on my dime, rooster and give me my $5 back. I was hoping that maybe someone would be up for a trade for a hen. So, how do you handle this type of thing? Anyone know? We are still so new to all this.

    I don't want him to be dinner.
    He's a pretty boy too.
    There he goes again!

    Anyone in Tucson want to trade a rooster for hen?
    [email protected]

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