Very sad weekend for us.

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    Jan 1, 2009
    Redding, California
    Our Muscovies are dying off. We had 3 females and 1 male. 2 females died a couple of days ago and the male died last night. We have 1 female left and we don't know how long she is going to last by herself. We think they ate something that was tainted (Anyone that knows anything about Muscovies is they will eat ANYTHING). They showed no signs of being sick (clear bright eyes, clean vent holes, bright feathers, no gunk in their lil nostrels and poop-normal for a Muscovy). After the 2 females past the male looked sad and did not act the same but he still looked healthy. My husband and I think he died of a lil broken heart (one of the females that died was his fave and they never left eachothers side). When my husband removed the bodies the male got ticked off. Then the male and the last female sorda made a sad noise. The other female that past was the remaining females sister. They were all young ducks (less then a year). They were kept in a duck coop. I am thinking someone came in our yard and poisoned them (we have had problems with people coming in our yard late at night and I say this because 4 years ago my dog was poisoned).....Now I don't know what to do about my daughter. She is only 3 and has had so many bad things happen in her young life....grandpa passing away, she had a baby duck died a couple of months ago (is in the forums on here-daddy duck tried to eat baby and mommy duck attacked duck looked like it was gonna make it but we think had internal problems )and now this. She is so sad right now and it breaks my heart. She took care of these ducks -gave them food, talked to them, pet them, picked up mowed grass for them when my husband cut the grass -which was their fave lol(with my help of course lol) and could get more closer to them then I could. She knows what death means but I know she does not totally understand it. She does not understand why things die. It is just really hard on me to see my lil girl cry herself to sleep yet again. We are making sure the other female is going to be ok then we are going to give her to someone that has other ducks or chickens so she wont be lonely.

    My question is how to detuer HUMANS from hurting future babies? We have survived feral cats, stray dogs, coons, hawks, owls but not humans. Makes me want to sleep in the cold garage with a BB gun or paint ball gun and listen for my dogs to let me know idiots are in my yard so I can get them and call the cops. I am just at my witts end. Never have I had so much problem like this. I am a adult and I know animals don't last forever....but to hurt my daughter like that and then me not be able to fix it....that just hurts like the dickens.

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    HIGH Voltage electric fence... safe from the inside though of course. that's my only suggestion... besides razor wire of course [​IMG]

    we live out in the country too and have also had someone poison one of our dogs, but luckily we knew who it was and the lady was mentally not right, totally screwy. we still turned her in though.

    hopefully after you guys get your place safe enough, you'll be able to get some new babies or ducks.

    I dont understand WHAT anyone would have to complain about with Muscovy's!?!?!
    they're quiet, sweet, and if you clip them they dnt bother anyone else! I hate people that do things liek this. especially when they're hurting a little kid. makes me wish they could feel all the same pain the ducks went through.
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    Jan 1, 2009
    Redding, California
    I wish we lived in the country. We live on the county/city limits. We have neighbors but noone has ever complained about our ducks or our dogs.....Well the guy that lives behind us has a rude girlfriend that thinks we are starving our dogs. She called animal control on us during the summer and said we did not have water for our dog (at the time it was one dog) and that we had him tied up (big nono in California). The animal control officer talked to us seen our dog seen that he was chunky (not obese) and seen that he had ice cubes in his water. We asked him if he knew anyone else that gave their dogs ice water during the summer and his reply was nope...but he wished more people were like us. We also told him that if he or anyone else from animal control wanted to check things out they were more then welcome anytime day or night. We have nothing to hide....oh another thing is someone was dumb enough to cut our dogs collar off and toss it in the yard. We showed that to the Animal control officer and there is a report. As for my dog 4 years ago (it will be 4 years in January).....someone gave her illegal drugs and she had a super high temp and was having seisures....I was hugely prego and had to put my best friend down.....could have kept trying with the vet but there was only a 50/50 chance she would have made it and another 50/50 chance she was going to be the same dog. Instead of making her suffer I held her and had her put down. We have no problems with the guy but his girlfriend is a real tool and there is A LOT of traffic going in and out all through the day and night. I want to get some babies for my daughter for Christmas and they will be inside for several months in a 20 gallon reptile tank. I am just scared that this will happen again. I may just try both of what you suggested.

    I too don't understand why people could hurt a Muscovy much less any animal. They were not bugging noone. The chicken guy next door has chickens and they are loose (they don't bother us we like them and told the chicken guy if they got in our yard we would put them in our pen till he could come get them). We also have a lady that has a Pit bull that has gotten loose that abuses the poor thing when she catches it...that might have it in for us because I threatened to turn her in for being stupid lol. All I know is whoever is hurting my animals better be careful. I am not one to mess with and I told this to the cops when I had to call them at 3am one night when my dogs were going balistic and i looked outside and seen lights from a flashlight in my yard. I promised not to kill but I did not promise not to beat the holy poop outta someone for messing with my animals. They laughed at me. My animals are not just animals to me they are like family...especially when my daughter has anything to do with taking care of them... She loves animals just as much as I do and she is wonderful with them. She stays nice and calm while handling baby animals its cute......But what gets me more is the fact that my daughter has to suffer. Its not like I can tell her that someone hurt her babies. We just said that they are with her baby duck and grandpa in heaven and that calms her down....for a 3 year old she has a good memory.... her baby duck died several months ago and we never talk about it and ever so often she just starts crying saying she misses her baby ducky that grandpa better be taking good care of it.

    Kids are so amazing though. And my daughter is a tough lil cookie and will bounce back up.
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    Jun 29, 2009
    I am so sorry for your loss and your daughters pain.

    i would lock up the pens and then get a security camera nothing better than to have video proof of what is happening out there.

    I have a padlock hasp on my small coop and I have a deadbolt on the large coop.

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    May 12, 2008
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  6. [​IMG] So sorry for your loss. It's got to be hard. [​IMG] I'm so glad you are planning on getting your sweet daughter some more babies. I think a security camera may be the way to go. As PandoraTaylor said, video will give you proof, esp. if you need to prosecute. It's hard enough when you loose a loved pet but when SOMEONE deliberatly is out to hurt/kill them [​IMG] . Ahh, the world is not always a very nice place. You hang in there. You will have a few months to come up with some security ideas & there are a lot of good ideas fm people on this forum.
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    Dec 21, 2009
    Thats really sad [​IMG] I have two muscovies and ducklings - they are awesome pets. Definetly get security, you shouldn't have to put up with that. I'm not sure if this is completey correct, but I heard in some places muscovies are considered a nuisance? Perhaps some one was acting on what they believed was the right thing to do, either that or they are damaged in the head because its very cruel. [​IMG]

  8. There are all kinds of cameras, motion activated, etc. Also motion activated floodlights. The scum doing this could throw poisened bait past an electric fence so I wouldn't bother with that. Even though it seems like well deserved revenge it would just make them more crazy.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    It could have been fungus and not poison. Game cams are STILL a good idea, but ducks are really susceptible to fungal infections. Check the duck's feed and housing for signs of mold.

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    A lady i house-sit for has a game camera (im assuming these are the ones to catch wild animals pics). I had to use it once to make sure the cat was still alive (long story!). I think that the flas might scare people off, i know it scared the cat away for a day.

    i am pretty sure i saw some cheap security cameras at Wal-Mart. you could probably just hook in into a VCR and record while you're sleeping.

    A friend of mine has a tiny one 'planted' into the "WELCOME" sign by their front door. [​IMG]

    you could also try a trip wire that sets off a noise in your house. like fishing line thats really hard to see, so that you know when theres someone out there.

    if you are interested in chickens I have a bunch of extra (fresh) eggs that i could send you just for shipping costs. I know how much my niece loves my birds and she'd be devistated if soemthing happed to any one of them. Just PM me.
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