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    I have a sick Silver American Game hen that two days ago she was acting as if she had a hurt wing or leg. She is 13 days from being two years old. (4/20/10). She has always been real healthy and not afraid of anything or anyone. Yesterday she was following me around where ever I was. I let the flock out in their special dog, hawk, eagle proof pen for awhile and while she was in there she drank an awful lot of water and mostly stayed at the door. She would occasionally eat some grass but for the most part she stayed close to the gate. I let them all out after about an hour and she did go out to roam some but never far from the main pen. When she saw that I was back in the pen she came in and stayed right with me. She has never done that before, she has usually stayed out until I made them all go back inside. Well this morning when I went down to check on her and the rest of my birds, she was up next to the fence all fluffed up and her eyes were closed. I noticed that her bumm was quite a mess so I took her inside to clean her up as best as possible. She does not have a runny nose nor does she has watery eyes, she just stands in one spot all fluffed up. I can't get her to eat or drink. I am going to have to force some water down her pretty soon if she doesn't start drinking. I gave her TWO drops of VetRx in her mouth and rubbed some under her wings and atop her head just in case she goes to sleep the normal way. ie, head tucked under wing. She just stands in one spot and doesn't do anything except sleep. I have her in the house in a cat carrier now but I am stumped on whet to do.When I do force water her I am going to put some antibiotics in the water.(?) If anyone has had this same situation or problem PLEASE HELP my poor little Goldie girl.

    Thank you all in advance ~ Jakenhoss

    By the way, I gave her the VetRx at 9:15A and I am wondering if I can also give antibiotics along with this or how long do I need to wait?
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    It is now 5:42P MST and I finally got my little girl to eat scrambled egg but still not drinking anything. She does have VERY runny poo as I stated before I have to clean her little bumm because it is so runny. I don't know what to do. I am going to leave her in the cat carrier overnight and see how she is in the morning. All she wants to do is sleep and I have a very hard time waking her up. After she was finished eating her egg, she turned around and went back into the kennel by herself as if she new that was the safest place for her to be.

    Thanks in advance for your comments and offers to help me with my dilemma.

    Jakenhoss and my little girl, Goldie.

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